Agni:  The metabolic fire that that governs transformation of food through digestion, assimilation & absorption.

Ashtanga:  An eight-limb philosophy derived from the Yoga Sutras and established by Patabhi Jois, serving as a guide to enlightenment.

Ahimsa:  Non-violence, a niyama.

Ama:  Toxins that build up in the body, often as a result of poorly or partially digested food particles.

Asana:  Postures; the physical portion of yoga, most often emphasized in the West.

Ayurveda:  The science of longevity.

Chakras:  A system of 7 energies that corresponds to our endocrine system as well as our emotions.

Dyhana: Meditation; an opportunity to raise consciousness & bring awareness to the present moment by observing the patterns of the mind.

Dosha: A subtype used to describe one's physical & emotional states of wellness based on patterns of energy.  The three subtypes, Vata, Pitta & Kapha, are based on the characteristics of ether, air, fire, water & earth.  Doshic Theory is the foundation of all Ayurvedic understanding.

Kapha:  The dosha associated with earth + water; heavy, slow, stable.

OM:  Pronounced "a-u-m";  chanted to evoke the vibration of the universe.

Pitta:  The dosha associated with fire + water; bright, energetic, focused.

Prakruti: Your most balanced state.; the ratio of elements (doshas) that you are born with; Also referred as you "constitution."

Pranayama:  Life force energy that is carried in the breath

Rishis:  'Seers'; those connected to the authentic & unchanging wisdom of the universe.

Vata:  The dosha associated with wind + ether; light, quick, dry.

Vedas:  the storehouse of all yogic wisdom established in the form of revelations from ancient Rishis.

Vikruti: Your current state of imbalance. (Most helpful when compared to prakruti).

Yamas & Niyamas:  Moral Restraints & Personal Observances.

Yoga:  Union; A holistic science of integration.

Yoga Sutras:  The oldest yoga texts written by Patanjali in the form of great wisdom conveyed in small aphorisms; the first systematized teachings of 'classical yoga'.